With colour printing, consistency is key. After all, why should the colour you printed yesterday be any different when you print them today? The importance of consistency is underlined when you consider that the more you use something noticeable- colour - the more you notice when it isnĀ“t right. Consistent colour, time after time.

New product: TASKalfa 2551ci, TASKalfa 3051ci, TASKalfa 3551ci, TASKalfa 4551ci, TASKalfa 5551ci, TASKalfa 6551ci, TASKalfa 7551ci

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Product Printing speed BW/Colour Multifunction Compare
A4 A3 Print Copy Scan Fax
FS-C5100DN 21/21 0
FS-C5150DN 21/21 0
FS-C8525MFP 25/25 13/13
TASKalfa 2550ci 25/25 13/13
TASKalfa 2551ci 25/25 13/13
FS-C2126MFP+ 26/26 0
FS-C5250DN 26/26 0
TASKalfa 3051ci 30/30 15/15
TASKalfa 3551ci 35/35 17/17
TASKalfa 4551ci 45/45 22/22
TASKalfa 5551ci 55/50 27/25
TASKalfa 6551ci 65/65 32/32
TASKalfa 7551ci 75/70 35/35
= optional, no standard functionality
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