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Total cost of ownership (TCO)

Hardware cost

In today's rapid changing business environment, new technologies surface every other day. It's therefore a great challenge for the company's purchaser to make the right decision to purchase the right equipment for photocopying and printing. While cost of hardware is an important consideration when investing in a photocopier or printer, customers should factor in the cost of consumables. With KYOCERA Document Solutions Lowest TCO Product Design Concept, we will help you to save cost.

Consumable cost

KYOCERA Document Solutions's ECOSYS designed products strive to reduce the cost of consumables to its lowest. By adopting long life OPC drum and Amorphous Silicon drum, no replacement of photo conductor drum throughout the equipment entire shelf life is needed. Long-life OPC drum could produce up to 500,000 prints and Amorphous Silicon drum could produce up to 4.5 million prints. KYOCERA Document Solutions's ECOSYS large capacity toner container concept lets the customer pay less and get more, no need to pay for expensive cartridges. With ECOSYS cartridge-free designed, customers only need to replace the toner container whenever the toner needs to be replaced.

KYOCERA Document Solutions's ECOSYS designed products

The lowest TCO in its class.

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